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Mendo_Recce E-mail List

aka "the Lazy Buggers"

    Mendo_Recce is a virtual club for Land Rover owners. The initial reason for the list was to organized a recce of the Mendocino National Forest in northern California for and upcoming Land Rover rally in 1995. The members of the list enjoyed it so much that it became permanent. 2009 will mark the 15th year of the email list.

    Most list members of the list live general in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. However, mendo is an open list and has members from San Diego to Seattle. There are even a few members living in Kansas, Georgia, Utah, Colorado, and New Jersey. List members own Series I, II, IIA and III Land Rovers, Range Rovers (Classic, P38A and mkIII, Discoveries (I, II and LR3), Defenders (90, 110 and 130), and Freelanders.

    The Northern California Rover Club was started by menbers of the mendo_recce e-list in 1997 who wanted a more structured organization with group insurance and the ability to reach people who didn't have access to the Internet. Most NCRC members were also memebers of mendo_recce. NCRC faded away in 2004. Out of the ashes of NCRC was formed the Northern California Land Rover Club.

    Discussions on the mendo_recce e-mail list primarily focus on Land Rovers (e.g., organizing trips, repair tips, spotting them in the wild). Sometimes discussions stray into other topics. That's ok. Think of it as if we all are camped out after a day driving Land Rovers sitting around a campfire. Topics will be mostly LRs, but other topics are discussed.

    Mendo is run by the list founder Benjamin Smith and hosted by Dixon Kenner on a server at his home at Interestingly enough Ben now lives in New Jersey and Dixon lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada--far, far away from California.